Watsons CNY 2020 - Happy Beautiful Year! 过靓年, 我最潮!

The most DRAMATIC and EXCITING family reunion is happening here at the trendiest family mansion! ❤️

Check how Chan Fong, Chui Ling, Han Xiiao Aii, Bernard Hiew, Freddie Huang, Catz, and Pink Tan bring Chinese Opera to life in this year’s #HappyBeautifulYear video with #WatsonsMalaysia!

喜迎鼠年,卡司鼎盛的潮家大团圆高潮迭起,有火花,有温馨,超精彩的。赶快一起观赏Chan Fong, Chui Ling, 黄一飞, 小喵, HanXiiaoAii, Bernard Hiew, Elyn Leong, Pink Tan 与Watsons 携手合作,为您“戏”说最潮新年!

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