Strangers React to 'BRATZ DOLL' Makeup Challenge !!!

I did the Bratz look first in 2017 with the cartoonish take which was inspired by Missgaymatte and after that, I've seen so many people everywhere recreating it. Now, I wanted to take to the next level and get some reaction from strangers that have probably never seen this look. Got so many funny reactions, Some thought it was a mask and others thought it was a filter,emoji etc. There were also a handful of people that got really scared and exited the chat real quick. Some were so nice and praised the look too. How would you react if you saw me like this?? Do you want to see me go in public like this?

Products used :
elmers Washable Glue
Clinique Foundation
Hourglass veil mineral powder
La brow pomade
Colourpop eyeshadows
Nyx Eyeliner white
Pretty Vulgar Gel Liner
Em cosmetics eyeliner
Blue cream Makeup
Smashbox highlighter
Colourpop Lip Liner
Ofra Liquid Lipstick

Amazon Black Lace Wig
Forever 21 Choker

Thanks for Watching !!!