Sailormoon Collab Review + Queen Serenity Makeup Tutorial !!!

This is a bit of a blend of Princess and Queen Serenity. I went with a bit warmer platinum wig so it matches the colors in the collection. Also, I put this look together last minute so I couldn't find the exact dress and accessories. I know many of you are super excited about this collection when I shared it online and most of you probably already purchased it already. It's a very cute and Kawaii. You definitely won't be disappointed. Let me know what you would rate this collection in the comments. I will be back soon with possibly an Asmr Makeup video.

Products Used :
Colourpop Sailor Moon Collaboration
Pretty guardian Palette $20
Cat's Eye Blush $12
From the Moon $12
Daylight Lip Kit $15
Moonlight Lip Kit $15
Moon Prism Power Glitter gel $9
Moonlight Legend Glitter gel $9

Wig :
Clips :
Contacts Lens : Desio 'Irresistible Blue' contacts

Music by Late Night Alumni - Low -

I know its sold out currently but I believe they will be restocking really soon !!
Thanks for watching