­čÄů­čĆ╗ Rock Climbing + Vegan Grocery Haul In Sweden! | Vlogmas Day 15

Rock climbing and vegan grocery shopping at Coop in Sweden! The adventures in Stockholm continue :) Can we also have real talk for a min? These vlogs + my computer have been kicking my butt. Its been a difficult week for me (acne + a skunk + you won't believe what went down in the dms) and let's talk about it I'm glad to have you here! http://bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q Hit the Bell Button for new videos on acne, beauty, science, diet, skin care, self-love, and healthy living http://bit.ly/1zxtZ0Q


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Read the thought of the day yo. Love you.

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ÔľĚ Thought Of The Day:
Its been quite a week and I dont want to be that friend that just complains but i appreciate you letting me vent! Being out of school has thrown me off- I miss it. These vlogs caused my computer to go haywire on itself (again) like trying to cook a pizza in a clothes dryer. Not working well. Also I think a skunk got into the wall behind my bathroom dont ask. My skin has been freaking out, but it's because I've been stressed and thinking to myself "Its 2018 who needs sleep?!" and life's answer has been an index finger pointed straight to my nose and a huge "YOU". lol. On the bright side, my cat stopped eating grass so she stopped throwing up on the floor! And classes restarted this week which I am so happy about and I've been wokring on some skin science videos and not gonna lie the research, and talking with subscribers about acne has been AMAZING. Literally gives me life. Oh I also read 2 books this week so I'm feelin mahself. I love you and can't wait to get these vlogs dont so that I can post regular skincare + life advice + beauty + travel content again! Thanks for reading this if you read all of this comment "johnjacobjinglehemersmith stole my almond milk" and then tell me about your favorite netflix show rn I want to know you more than just stalking you on instagram and linking half your photos okay? Xoxo
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