Power Of Cade To Protect Your Skin | L'Occitane

Discover L'Occitane's first clean charter skin care line for men. A range of products that are true to men's nature and the nature of their skin. The lines main ingredients being cade, is 100% organic and makes the perfect ingredient to care for a man's skin naturally.
Be Raw.
Be Natural.
Be Yourself.

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In 1976 Olivier Baussan founded L'Occitane en Provence to realize his vision of a brand for natural beauty products based on the power of plants. Local & exotic ingredients inspired him to create premium natural & organic cosmetics for face care, hair care & skin care. These include natural beauty products such as face, hand & body cream, essential oils, fragrance, & cosmetics for men.

L’Occitane en Provence not only embraces organic cosmetics for skin care, face care & hair care but also endeavors to make the world a better place with various charitable projects. Check out L’Occitane’s official YouTube channel to find natural beauty tips, how-to videos, beauty trends, & the latest news on the L’Occitane Foundation!