Kérastase : Professional, Luxury, Care since 1964

Kérastase is PROFESSIONAL because this is its birth.
In 1964, Kérastase creates HAIRCARE in salons and since the creation, its expertise is based on its professional edge. Kérastase is actually the n°1 professional luxury haircare brand worldwide.

Kérastase is a LUXURY brand of exclusive high-end salons.
Kérastase it's a 100% diagnosis focused brand. This is our ground to get the best in-depth knowledge of women and their hair, to be able to deliver the most accurate and personalized solutions.

Kérastase is CARE
Kérastase do care about women and care about their hair. It is the Kérastase edge : a care first philosophy since its birth.

That is what Kérastase is : Professional, Luxury and Care.

And Kérastase will always care about your hair because it is more than hair. It’s you.