Interview with Zohiko (Hikobei Nishimura X) | Future Solutions LX | SHISEIDO

Lacquerware truly embodies beauty that transcends time. The lacquer box, known as Tokirara no Tebako, made for the Future Solution LX 10th Anniversary collection is crafted by the House of Zohiko – a traditional lacquerware manufacturer in Kyoto whose reputation for excellence has endured over 350 years experience - their most accomplished and renowned master craftsman spending months to create.

Starting with Waka poetry based on the concept of "beauty transcends time" composed by Dr. Motoaki Shinohara, professor emeritus at Kyoto University, the words were interpreted through the visual aesthetic of acclaimed artist Yoshitaka Amano and then applied onto traditional Urushi lacquer-ware by master craftspeople of Kyoto's house of Zohiko and lined with fabric woven by Nishijin, a textile house whose skills have seen them weave silks for emperors and empresses for centuries.

#BeautyTranscendsTime #LX10th
SHISEIDO, Ginza Tokyo