Interview with Motoaki Shinohara | Future Solutions LX | SHISEIDO

In creating a design theme for the Future Solutions LX 10th Anniversary box, we asked Dr. Motoaki Shinohara, a philosopher, poet, and professor emeritus at Kyoto University, to write a waka, a traditional Japanese poem, to interpret “Beauty Transcends Time.

”When the star and dew meet.
You can hear the sound in your eyes.
It transcends millennia and shines forever.
An endless stream of understanding.

This beautiful waka offers a mystic impression of a clear sound resonating faintly in an endless expanse of pitch-black universe, as if a ray of hope for the future. A sentiment of rich sensibility and profound intelligence that is worthy of being passed down through future generations.

#BeautyTranscendsTime #LX10th
SHISEIDO, Ginza Tokyo