I GOT MARRIED! Wedding Q&A + Details

We tied the knot this month! I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted to know anything about our wedding, and I'm sharing my answers with you today.
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Where is the honeymoon?

How many dresses did you try on? How did you know your dress was the one?

Why is your husband wearing a kilt? Is he Scottish?

How did you decide on a destination wedding and your venue?

How did he propose?

What did you splurge and save on?

Do you regret anything? Would you do anything differently?

Best things you did? Best choices for your day?

What did you do for florals?

Advice for stressed out brides?

What did you walk down the aisle to?

Favorite moments of the day?

Did you incorporate any Scottish traditions?

Did you do anything to honor your mom on the day?

How many guests did you have? How did you decide on a guest list?

Did you cry?

Did anything go wrong?

Did you change your last name?

Advice for deciding on a budget?

Hod you feel about marriage? Did you always know you wanted to get married? Did you have any doubts during your engagement?

How did you know your husband was the one?