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At L’OCCITANE, we celebrate every woman’s true authenticity. We especially respect the many talented women we work with every day: they are true to themselves, no filter needed.

To celebrate their beauty in all its forms, we’re featuring ten L’OCCITANE women who have shared their true stories and what it means to live life unfiltered each and every day.

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Founded by Oliver Baussan 40 years ago, L’OCCITANE captures the true art de vivre of Provence, offering a sensorial immersion in the natural beauty and lifestyle of the south of France. From the texture of L’OCCITANE products to their scent, each skincare, body care and fragrance formula promises pleasure through beauty and well-being—a moment rich in enjoyment and discovery that goes beyond tangible benefits to create a different experience of Provence. L’OCCITANE products are available at usa.loccitane.com and in 200+ boutiques throughout the U.S.

Credits: Assembly 9 Productions

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