How to: Create soft ashy tones with elegant hues of beige with IGORA Muted Desert!

Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador, shows her signature #Muting Technique with the new IGORA MUTED DESERT shades! Discover an enticing touch of soft powdery greys, combined with a beautifully lighted frame – for a cool and elegant colour result!
#1 Section the hair as shown
#2 Mix Colours 1-3
Colour 1:
Mix IGORA ROYAL Muted Desert 9-24 with IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9%/30 Vol. (1:1)
Colour 2:
Mix IGORA ROYAL Muted Desert 7-24 with IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3%/10 Vol. (1:1)
Colour 3:
Mix IGORA VIBRANCE Muted Desert 9-24 with IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Gel 1.9%/6 Vol. (1:1
#3 Start on the left front section and apply COLOUR 1 using weave technique. Use foils for precision.
#4 Continue technique on the right front section
#5 Apply COLOUR 2 from roots to ends to lower back section
#6 Develop for up to 45 minutes. Rinse, shampoo & condition
#7 Apply COLOUR 3 directly at the backwash by using a full head bottle application on towel dried hair.
#8 Leave to develop for 5 minutes and rinse out until water runs clear.
#9 Condition and style as desired.