How I Stopped Hating My Small Boobs | Ingrid Nilsen

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No matter what your size, there’s a conversation to be had about boobs. For years, I hated having small breasts (I have less than an A cup) and so much of my energy was consumed by wishing they were bigger. It was exhausting and defeating. I felt like I was less of a woman because I didn’t have a “womanly” figure. Now, I’ve reached a point where I hardly ever wear bras and I’ve learned to accept that I have no curves. When I stopped needing the world to find me sexy and attractive in order to feel sexy and attractive, everything changed. Creating my own standard of what makes ME feel like a woman has been the ultimate freedom.

I’m in the process of slowly decorating and putting my place together. I’ll be sharing updates in real-time on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me if you’d like to see everything!

WEEKLY UPDATE: This is another one of those weeks that has just flown by. Maybe it’s the time of year? My manager Lisa got married last weekend and it was such a beautiful celebration. I loved being able to spend quality time with Eileen as we drove through upstate NY. Fall on the east coast really is magical. On Sunday, I flew to Zeitgeist (think of it as Google’s TED Talk event) and spent a couple days in Scottsdale, Arizona. I didn’t post anything from Zeitgeist because I was so present in the moment I didn’t want to pick up my phone. Honestly, this wasn’t even something I planned going into the event and it was almost better that way. Sometimes it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure to share and post constantly on social media, but this was a good reminder that NOT sharing because you’re so stimulated by what’s happening in front of you is probably one of the best feelings there is.❤️






My Everyday Hair Routine

I’m The Daughter of A Breast Cancer Survivor



- Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator

- Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Sand Beige

- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Ochre

- Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo

- NARS Wanted I Cheek Palette (PYT on eyes + Ambition, Taos, Exposed on cheeks)

- Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Caramel

- Lancome Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara

- Hourglass Brow Pencil

- Glossier Boy Brow

- Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Candy

- Sweater from & Other Stories (old)


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