How I Did My Halloween Costume! Three-Breasted GRWM

Hey guys so I got a lot of love on my Halloween costume so I'm glad I filmed this process for you all to see!

My Special FX Makeup Artist is Jaquelyn Coon! (@JackCoon on instagram) she used an RBFX prosthetic: ( and I LOVE her work!! She is based in Los Angeles.

My costume is from etsy, I just searched 'circus costume', 'underbust corset' etc.

Then we headed to Desi's Twisted Carnival party which was super fun! I've never really done a halloween before, it's not celebrated where I'm from in Aus and although I went trick or treating with my nieces in Canada last year (it was SO freezing though we just wore a onesie over layers of pyjamas) this is my first Halloween party and proper time enjoying the Fall Festivities!

Hope you guys enjoyed this video :)
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