Future Solution LX 10th Anniversary - Special Noh Performance "Toki-La-La"

This year, we celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Future Solution LX. At the core of this project is a masterpiece called "Tokirara no Tebako". We feel very honored to be able to celebrate this masterpiece of historical significance with a new Noh drama created specially, and specifically for this joyous occasion!

Here's the full video of the beautiful performance and we hope you will enjoy this authentic art based on waka Japanese poem composed by Dr. Motoaki Shinohara, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University; Genjiro Okura, a living national treasure in the Noh play field, supervises, composes and performs music; and Hisanori Kongo, Grand Master and Tatsunori Kongo, Young Master of the shite-kata Kongo School of Noh.

Noh is the oldest theatrical art form in Japan, originating in the 14th century, long before Kabuki. It is a slow, almost ceremonial experience- incorporating dance and music- where emotions are conveyed through highly stylized gestures. The elaborate masks are carved from blocks of Japanese cypress.

For more info, visit: https://international.shiseido.co.jp/lp-sfslx-tamatebako.html