EXPOSED: Beauty Bloggers Committing FRAUD!

My friends and I are FED UP with seeing fake instagrammers! It's been bubbling up inside of me so I've finally sat down today to share with you how its happening, why it's happening, and how to spot a faker!

It is NOT ok to buy or falsely generate Instagram followers and engagement. The second a brand sends you a product, takes you on a trip, or pays you for posts… you’re essentially committing a crime.

I hope you guys understand, and for those of you that this video is ABOUT, I hope you can understand why it is NOT legal, and you should probably reimburse any brands you're working with, and conside starting your instagram page all over again!

I use to track my following and you can track ANYONES account simply by inputting their username.

Heres an example of an instagram bot company:

An example of a company where you can buy followers:

I found the comment pod picture on google and it's from this webpage:

More info on comment pods:


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