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» Today we're talking how to do a zero-waste period, thrifting, what to do with food scraps & other simple ideas to be more eco-friendly/sustainable. thredUP is offering you guys up to 50% off your first order on their website Click HERE: & enter my promo code KARISSA50 :) Happy thrifting!

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Things mentioned:

Fifth Foods Takii Umami Powder - Look at health food stores or maybe online?

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Blog post about eco-friendly GROCERY & PRODUCE BAGS-

thredUP Online thrift store:

Sam’s period cup video -

Thinx Underwear:

My Thinx Review Video:

While we’re talking periods….
Check out the blog post I wrote on “How to make your period suck less” -

TUSHY Bidet -

Face Halo Makeup Cloth -

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