BAY AREA I want to meet you & empower others together!
Are you a student who is curious about the secret worlds of social media and Youtube?
On Saturday, March 9th, it is my honor to be a partner and speaker with Reel Stories, a nonprofit organization that works to balance the gender gap in media.
If you are a student, (or a parent of one) who wants to learn about how to start a YouTube channel, build a community, and use your creativity to make change, this nonprofit event from 9:30 AM until 4:30 PM is where you should be.
Reel Stories is a beautiful organization that knows media has a powerful influence on our lives, and believes that when more women are behind the scenes, girls are better represented on the screens.
Every single penny from this event is donated to Reel Stories (a certified 501c3 nonprofit organization for girls and gender non-conforming) and if you, or someone you know is interested, this event will be an opportunity not only to learn and get to the insider social media training and information, but also to contribute to a cause that empowers all of us.
(And if I might mention, all day long hugs and free makeup goody bags!)

Sign up below, donate if you can, and I hope to see you there!