ACQUA FOR LIFE - #WATERMEANS letting kids be kids

For the ninth consecutive year, Acqua for Life is continuing its global development program. Acqua for Life is a comprehensive program that focuses on providing access to clean water, which has a positive socio-economic impact on communities’ health and livelihood.

Barbara Palvin, face of Giorgio Armani’s fragrance Acqua di Gioia, travelled to the water scarce communities of Sri Lanka. She was visibly moved by the people she met, and learning about their hardships due to no access to clean water. Following her discovery of what #WaterMeans in Sri Lanka, Barbara Palvin is committed to raising awareness about the water scarcity issue, engaging people to share on social media what #WaterMeans in their daily lives.

#WaterMeans letting kids be kids as around the world, children undertake long and hot walks to get clean drinking water for their families. Let children be children. Support Acqua for Life and bring clean drinking water into families’ homes.

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